Jewelry Looks for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for celebration, joy, and spending time with friends and family. With plenty of dinners, holiday parties, and cozy gatherings sneaking up on us, it’s time to pull out the Christmas sweaters, turtlenecks, and warm jackets. Figuring out how to style your holiday jewelry can be a challenge, so we’re here with advice from the MACHETE team on some of our favorite pieces and trends we recommend this season.

This winter, we’re remixing classic and vintage styles to bring you a fresh set of statement pieces you can wear for years to come. Whether you’re curled up on the couch with a Hallmark movie queued or donning your brand-new holiday dress you bought months ago, the right holiday jewelry can make a world of a difference this holiday season. 

Our Favorite Holiday Jewelry in Style this Season

From dazzling gemstone earrings to dreamy layered necklaces, here are some of the jewelry looks that are certainly filling us with magic and cheer this year.

Gem Link Earrings

Let your personality shine through with these elegant and durable Gem Link Earrings, perfect for holiday wear. Made with 14K gold plating, rhodium, Swarovski crystals, and acetate chains, these earrings are made to shine. 

A touch of sparkle, an air of delicacy, and the durability of our classic gold hoops make these earrings a must-have this holiday season. Plus, they come in 10 different colorways to ensure you’ll find your perfect match. 

Holiday Jewelry from Machete

Interchangeable Oval Link Necklace

Dress it up or dress it down, this super versatile statement piece is the perfect holiday jewelry addition this winter. 

Wear the necklace as is or remove the single oval link and wear it as a standard link necklace. You can even remove multiple closures to break the necklace down into a chunky bracelet. This necklace can elevate your slacks and blouse combo during the day or glamorize your festive evening wear. 

The right piece of jewelry is timeless and often has a much longer style life than other fashion accessories. But that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up every now and then. With three different style variations, you’ll be able to wear the Interchangeable Oval Link necklace season after season—or party after party! 

Interchangeable Oval Link Necklace in Silver

Collage Link Necklace

Just like the Interchangeable Oval Link Necklace and Gem Link Earrings, the Collage Link Necklace is a great way to brighten your winter wear. 

MACHETE’s own marketing manager Sarah loves this versatile necklace, especially for the holiday season. “I feel the Collage Link Necklace is a great choice during the holidays with all the parties you’re going to,” she said. “With this one, you can either dress it down like you’d wear it to work, but it’s nice enough to dress up for a holiday party.”

Holiday Jewelry from Machete

Perfect Hoops

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: the Perfect Hoops collection goes with everything. If you’re not keen on wearing lots of jewelry but want to dress up a holiday sweater, a pair of classic gold or silver hoops will certainly add some cheer to your ensemble. 

Want your chunky necklace to make a statement but don’t want to leave your ears bare? The smaller .75” hoops offer a polished finish to your look without distracting too much from the necklace. Turtleneck sweaters also pair nicely with a large pair of classic hoops, and even the 2” Perfect Hoops are ultra-lightweight for comfortable wear all day and night!

Holiday Jewelry from Machete

Coffee Bead Necklace

This elegant chain can stand alone or pair beautifully with other necklaces for an effortless layered look. The chain itself is carefully weighted so it’s lightweight without being too thin for comfortable wear. 

Not only do these chains possess a vintage charm, but they come in multiple metal and mixed-metal variations that add an eye-catching allure whether they’re stacked on or on their own.

Petite Coffee Bead Necklace in Gold + Silver

How to Style Holiday Jewelry This Season

Now that you have our top holiday jewelry picks for this winter, how do you go about styling them? The MACHETE team has been loving these trends lately, and we’re here to offer some advice on the best ways to style your jewelry for the holidays. 

Monochromatic Bling

We’ve seen lots of monochromatic styling lately, and holiday styling is no exception. Our tip for dressing merry and bright this year: try pairing a couple of your favorite styles in bright, festive colorways like Poppy and Malachite. Wearing the Kate Hoops in Poppy and Jumbo Cuff in Poppy together is a fun way to add a touch of red to your holiday outfit.

Tier Necklaces

If you’ve been shying away from experimenting with layering necklaces, here’s your chance. What better time to show off the sparkle in your closet than when you’re surrounded by glittering lights and clinking champagne flutes? 

Sarah especially loves this look during the holidays. “I tend to either wear a big chunky necklace like the Interchangeable Oval Link Necklace, or I wear multiple small necklaces,” she said. 

Turtleneck season and sweater weather make for an excellent opportunity to experiment with different lengths and tiers of necklaces. MACHETE has plenty of resources on finding the perfect necklace length to fit your personal style, outfit choice, and body type. 

Festive Pop of Color

As the days get shorter and the weather starts to turn bleak and gray, it’s nice to contrast dark surroundings with pops of color. Plus, emerging from the last two years, we certainly need this holiday season to make spirits bright. 

Biba, who works in Partnerships and Wholesale, noted a recent trend toward dopamine gifting. “I know dopamine gifting is really popular this year,” she said. “People are giving really colorful gifts, and our style definitely fits into that with all our Poppy, Orchid, and green colors. It’s such a mood-boosting thing to see, especially on a gloomy day or when you’ve been freezing cold for the past month.”

Martavius from Logistics and Customer Service agreed. “It’s really nice to see all the new pops of color going around,” he said. “It’s refreshing because right now as the leaves are changing and everything is bare, it’s nice to see that pop of color on someone’s ear or neck.”

Holiday Jewelry from Machete

Find the Perfect Holiday Jewelry Gift

Not only do each of these pieces make jewelry styling around the holidays easier, but they also make great gifts as well!

Some of the team’s favorite gifts include claw clips, French hair pins, Perfect Hoops, and more. You can even find great gifts for the men in your lives with tech bands and hair combs as well. 

If you’re still unsure of which holiday jewelry gifts to shop for this season, our team has plenty more ideas in our jewelry gifts guide!