Machete was born from the belief that everyday accessories can be beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainable.
Our Story

JJ Matchett started MACHETE in 2015 with four original earring designs and a belief that everyday accessories, if made with care and intention, could become heirloom-quality keepsakes. With a background in vintage buying, she knew that thoughtful design and craftsmanship resulted in products that looked good, felt good, and would last a lifetime. She took that approach to those first few pairs of acetate earrings, and MACHETE took off from there.

Today, we offer a full line of handcrafted accessories available in our online store and hundreds of independent retailers around the globe, while our Atlanta-based team is still bringing the same level of creativity and care to every thing we make. We hope you find something to love.

Our Mission

From color explorations to material selections, each part of our process serves the same goal – creating products that make you feel good every time you pick them up. Our accessories are designed with beauty and functionality in mind, then handcrafted with care from sustainable materials.

At MACHETE, nature is a constant source of inspiration. JJ’s iconic pattern designs are drawn from the emerald-hued lakes of northern Italy to the rippled valleys of southern Utah, and she works to infuse a bit of that beauty and awe into each clip, comb, and claw. We remain committed to respecting the environments that inspire us through our use of renewable materials and responsible production practices.

Mindfully Made

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every material we use and each manufacturing decision we make. Our high-quality acetates are bio- or plant-based – derived from biodegradable, renewable resources like wood pulp or cotton linters. To ensure the coloring process for our acetates is sustainable and safe, we use eco-friendly dyes like organic pigments, and solvent or dispersed dyes.

All of our metals are comprised of recycled brass and ethically sourced silver and gold. Earring posts are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, sterling silver, or solid gold. MACHETE accessories are all stored in reusable, eco-friendly EVA zip bags, never in one-use plastics.

Crafting products that stand the test of time is a critical part of our sustainability efforts, and we always value quality over quantity. New products are created and introduced in limited quantities, and we only make more of them to meet demand.

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