Jewelry Gifts For Her: Machete Team Picks

How do you buy gifts for the woman who has it all? Or the woman who claims she doesn’t want or need anything? We’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to pick out the perfect gift for the women in our lives, but time and time again, a stunning piece of jewelry proves to be a great gift option. Not all jewelry gifts for her are made equal, so we’re here to offer some advice and inspiration when gift shopping this season.

We sat down with a few members of the MACHETE team to get their take on the best jewelry gifts to give the people in your life. Biba from partnerships, Sarah from marketing, and Martavius from logistics each shared their experiences with shopping MACHETE for gifts and had plenty of great advice to share.

What should you get someone who loves jewelry? From earrings to hair combs to Watch Bands, many of MACHETE’s products have been favored gift items over the years. Here are some jewelry gift ideas from the MACHETE team to get you inspired for your holiday shopping this year.

Earrings, Metal Hoops, Acetate Hoops, and Studs

Whether shopping for the jewelry connoisseur or someone with a more subtle taste, earrings are some of the best jewelry gifts to give.

“I usually gift earrings,” said Martavius, offering advice on shopping for the jewelry lover. “I’ve gifted some to my mom, my cousins, and my wife.”

According to Marti, shopping for earrings is a perfect mix for any jewelry lover because you can find something for everyone. “My cousins, for example, who are in their mid-30s like the Perfect gold hoops, but people who are in their late 20s I find like the acetate mini hoops more.”

Biba has seen a few differences in earring styles when buying gifts as well. “With earrings, I feel there are so many options between the gold and silver, which is the elevated, nice look either for someone older or someone you’re willing to spend more on. And then there’s the acetate, at a lower price range with a slightly younger look. But I will say, my aunt and my mom who are in their sixties are all about the colorful acetate—it’s their favorite! Even the sculpture studs are nice for people who don’t typically wear hoops.”

“The acetate earrings are hypoallergenic and stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about sensitivities when it comes to different metals,” said Sarah.

From elegant gold or silver hoops to bold, colorful acetate earrings to a pair of classic sculpture studs, you can’t go wrong with earrings as the perfect jewelry gift for her!

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Sculpture Stud Earrings in Blonde Tortoise
Sculpture Studs in Blonde Tortoise
Watch Bands

Stylish watch bands have been all the rave in the last couple of seasons. With up to eight series of the Apple Watch to date, smartwatches have certainly taken the technology (not to mention fashion) world by storm.

“I feel like people are already gifting Apple Watches for the holidays, so [the Watch Bands] are an easy add-on,” said Biba.

For fitness or casual wear, smartwatch bands are a great gift that’s not only beautiful to admire but practical enough for everyday wear. This Watch Band in Blonde Tortoise is a perfect everyday look she’s sure to love.

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MACHETE Apple Watch Band in Ivory
Apple Watch Band in Ivory
MACHETE Deluxe Apple Watch Band Set in Blonde Tortoise
Apple Watch Band in Blonde Tortoise
Hair Combs and Accessories

If she isn’t a big jewelry wearer and you’re afraid your gift may sit in her closet unused, opt for the functional yet luxurious gift of hair combs or hair clips.

“The comb is so useful,” said Biba. “Sarah was just telling me how she keeps her comb in the shower because it's waterproof, but it also looks so beautiful on a table or vanity.”

While most people might buy themselves a standard comb, gifting a beautiful yet practical acetate comb makes for a great gift. MACHETE’s hair combs come in three distinct sizes to suit all hair types from fine hair to wavy fair to afros. 

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Another great and practical gift for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry all the time is eyewear

“I would recommend eyewear, even if it’s not the sunglasses, maybe the opticals, just for a dressier look,” said Marti. “If they’re not into jewelry, eyewear is another option.”

Sunglasses, reading glasses, and blue light glasses are practical gifts that elevate any look, and with a wide range of colors and styles, you’re sure to find a pair that matches her style.

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MACHETE Suzy Sunglasses in Black
Suzy Sunglasses in Black
Chunky Sunglass Chain in Blonde Tortoise
Chunky Sunglass Chain in Blonde Tortoise
Mix and Match

If you’re opting for a combo gift, Marti suggests pairing acetate earrings, a watch band, and a hair claw for a super practical, stylish gift combo.

Biba and Sarah agreed that a mini claw paired with a pair of versatile hoops makes a great gift, and Sarah has even given her friends a pair of .75 gold perfect hoops because of how approachable they are for just about anyone.

Custom Pieces

The best jewelry gifts are always the ones that mean the most. Our Monogram Collection is a great place to find a personalized gift that will make the receiver feel extra appreciated. Biba especially loves the personalization aspect of the Monogram Collection.

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Grande Monogram Necklace on Silk Chord
Grande Monogram Necklace on Silk Cord
Monogram Letter Charm Stud Earrings
Monogram Letter Charm Stud Earrings
Stackable Bracelets

Lastly, if you’re still unsure of the best jewelry gift for the jewelry wearer in your life, you can never go wrong with a stackable bracelet. Chances are, if she has a sizable jewelry collection already, she’ll love a stackable bracelet that pairs nicely with something she already has. If you’re not sure about her style or how to stack bracelets, we’ve got you covered with an overview of how to stack bracelets here. If she wears gold or silver, the Interchangeable Linked Collection is a great place to start.

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Interchangeable Oval Link Bracelet in Silver
Interchangeable Oval Link Bracelet in Silver
Interchangeable Link Bracelet in 14k Gold
Interchangeable Link Bracelet in 14k Gold

With dozens of colorways and styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect jewelry gift for her, no matter the style of the woman you’re shopping for. Made from durable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting material, you can trust any MACHETE product you gift will last the receiver for many years to come.