Claw Clips are Back! Try These 6 Mini Claw Clip Hairstyles

Nineties girls know—mini butterfly clips are everything. Now back in style in 2023, we’re ecstatic to use our claw clips to resurrect hairstyles with mini claw clips a la our favorite fashionistas, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 

Whether you can throw your entire head of hair up in one clip or
need a couple to tame the mane, mini claw clips hairstyles aren’t just
for girls and guys with thin or short hair! Try these hairstyles next
time you need a refresh from the basic bun.

Reasons Why We Love Mini Claw Clips

Not only are mini claw clips hairstyles nostalgic, but they’re also versatile. You can use them to hold back flyaways or bangs, keep your twists and buns in place, or accent a half-up-half-down or updo. Mini claw clips look effortless in tortoise print, bold colors, or solids and never go out of style!

Best of all, claw clips don’t damage your hair as tight and restrictive hair elastics do. They’re gentle on the scalp and the hair shaft, which saves the day when it comes to avoiding headaches, hair wrinkles, and split ends.

Hairstyles with mini claw clips add a modern edge to the boring old bun and old-fashioned french twist. They work with clean and next-day hair, curly and straight locks, thin or thick manes, and certainly on people's heads with all kinds of personal styles.

Space Buns

Zenon has nothing on the modern-day space buns. What started as a Coachella cult favorite has quickly gone mainstream as a fun way to show off your playful personality. We love space bun hairstyles with mini claw clips used to secure two large buns, or those with thick hair can use the mini claw clips to secure buns made of just the top layer of hair while the rest flows freely. These days, space bun hairstyles with mini claw clips look best loosely pulled into messy buns with wavy or textured hair and face-framing flyaways for an effortless look.

Secure a Braid

Hairstyles with plain hair elastics? Out. Mini claw clips hairstyles? In. There’s no reason why you have to use an elastic to secure your braid. Use a mini claw clip for even more interest! These Twin Heirloom Claws are a cool contrast between a dark braid. Plus, they come in a pack of two, so you can use them for double braids or two to secure one thick braid.

Half Up, Half Down

The classic half-up, half-down is one of those mini claw clips hairstyles we love for second-day hair—right before dry shampoo is a necessity. If you’ve only got a few tendrils to tie back, our mini claw clips can do the job. But if you have a bit more hair, try a midi-sized heirloom claw. With the half-up, half-down style, you’ve got options. Try a twisted waterfall version, a messy bun version, or the classic pullback.

Side Twists

Side twists look classy with curly, wavy, and straight hair. Just pull back one tendril on each side of your part, twist, and secure with one or more mini claw clips. This traditional hairstyle with mini claw clips may seem stuffy, but when you use bold colors or modern checkered print, it’s anything but.

Low Messy Twist Bun

Ah, the old Rachel Green classic. There’s a reason why this Friends character has one of the most famous manes in pop culture—she just knows how to style those layers!

The Low Messy Twist Bun (or waterfall pony) is a cult classic for nineties girls who have always felt connected to our favorite Rachel. The effortless clipped-back style gives a “long-day-at-work, ready-for-a-Netflix-binge” but in a very chic way. You can make this mini claw clips hairstyle work for all hair lengths and textures by adapting it to a half-up version, using multiple clips to secure the bun, or investing in a midi-sized clip that holds a bit more volume.

Twisted Rows

When you think of mini butterfly clips, you probably think of the
twisted rows mini claw clip hairstyles donned by your favorite Disney stars. We’re glad to bring this hairstyle with mini claw clips back in style with a more mature way with the use of mini tortoise claw clips. The tortoise acetate looks office-friendly on this throwback style, but if you need a little bit more fun you can always alternate with punchy colors like our poppy or stromanthe varieties.

Mini Claws