The Claw Clip Size Guide

Welcome to a world where timeless elegance meets contemporary style—the Heirloom Hair Claws, a crowning jewel in the exquisite collection curated by MACHETE. Our hair claws are more than mere accessories; they are a celebration of tradition, a nod to the past, and a statement of enduring sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to sustainable materials, each Heirloom Hair Claw embodies the perfect fusion of vintage charm and modern allure. Explore a realm where functionality meets fashion, where every twist and turn of your locks is complemented by the timeless allure of our heirloom-quality pieces. Embrace the artistry of adornment with MACHETE Heirloom Hair Claw—an invitation to elevate your style with grace and lasting beauty.

The Mini Claw

Meet the epitome of refinement with the MACHETE Mini Claw Clip, a meticulously designed accessory tailored for those with fine hair of any texture. This exquisite piece seamlessly blends practicality with style, effortlessly elevating your everyday outfit or providing a swift solution for on-the-go updos. Boasting dimensions of 1.5” x 1.25” inches, the Mini Claw Clip adeptly manages all your hair while remaining compact enough to slip into a purse or overnight bag. Experience the ultimate in comfort as it securely holds fine strands without any hint of tugging or damage. Adapt to the changing seasons with this versatile retro-inspired accessory—stay cool during the summers and embrace a chic warmth in the winter. Crafted from resilient Italian acetate, the Mini Claw Clip is not just a functional necessity but a statement piece offered in an enticing array of colors and patterns. Immerse yourself in the luxury of choice and find the perfect piece to flawlessly complete your signature look.

The Twin Heirloom Claws

Elevate your hair game with the enchanting synergy of our Twin Heirloom Claws—a perfectly matched duo designed to endure the test of time. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each claw features a double-walled structure, meticulously hand-screwed for unparalleled durability. The result is a pair of hair claws that not only stand as a testament to craftsmanship but also provide a secure and lasting hold for your locks. Delight in the finer details as these captivating claws come in an even smaller size, adding an extra layer of charm to your styling routine. Whether you're aiming for a sophisticated updo or a casual twist, these Twin Heirloom Claws effortlessly combine functionality with an irresistibly adorable aesthetic. Embrace the beauty of enduring construction and petite elegance as you adorn your hair with this made-to-last pair, proving that, indeed, two is not just better but simply exquisite.

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Twin Heirloom Claws in Malachite - MACHETE
Twin Heirloom Claws in Malachite
Twin Heirloom Claws in Sea Shell Checker - MACHETE
Twin Heirloom Claws in Sea Shell Checker
The Midi Heirloom Claw

Indulge in the epitome of everyday elegance with our Midi Heirloom Claw, a versatile accessory that effortlessly transforms your locks into a chic style suitable for any occasion. From those refreshing dry shampoo mornings to the luxuriously soft days of freshly-washed hair, this hair claw is the epitome of adaptability. The meticulously designed checked pattern adds a touch of sophistication to its form, creating a piece that is not only functional but a style statement in itself. Measuring at a refined 1.75” x 3.5” inches, this claw proves its versatility by securely accommodating thin, regular, thick, curly, wavy, and straight hair types, ensuring a flawless hold regardless of your hair's texture. Whether you're jet-setting or enjoying a local getaway, this Midi Heirloom Claw is your go-to companion. Toss it into your overnight bag for an impromptu styling session or effortlessly clip it onto your handbag, ensuring easy access to a touch of instant glam, no matter where life takes you.

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Midi Heirloom Hair Claw in Opalite Shell Checker
Midi Heirloom Claw in Opalite Shell Checker
Midi Heirloom Hair Claw in Dark Tortoise
Midi Heirloom Claw in Dark Tortoise
The Grande Heirloom Claw

The MACHETE Grande Heirloom Claw, a thoughtfully crafted accessory that transcends hair textures, making it the ultimate choice for every discerning stylist. Unleash your creativity by incorporating this claw into your daily ensemble or rely on its quick-updo prowess for those on-the-go moments. Measuring an ample 2” x 3.75” inches, the Grande Heirloom Claw accommodates all hair volumes, proving its versatility while maintaining a compact profile that easily fits inside your purse or overnight bag. Tailored for those with medium or large volumes of hair, this claw ensures a secure hold without any compromise on comfort or style. Immerse yourself in the world of opulence as this masterpiece is meticulously crafted from sturdy Italian acetate, offering a tactile experience that complements its visual allure. With a spectrum of colors and patterns to choose from, finding the perfect piece to complete your look becomes a journey of personal expression. Durable for all hair types, the Grande Heirloom Claw embraces and secures your unique style without a hint of tugging or damage. Embrace the nostalgia of the 90s with our chunky design, revitalizing the era with a contemporary twist through an array of fun and vibrant colors. Rediscover the joy of accessorizing as you effortlessly intertwine fashion, functionality, and a touch of throwback flair with the MACHETE Grande Heirloom Claw.

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Grande Heirloom Hair Claw in Blue Shell Checker
Grande Heirloom Claw in Blue Shell Checker
Grande Heirloom Hair Claw in Sea Shell Checker
Grande Heirloom Claw in Sea Shell Checker
The Jumbo Heirloom Claw

Last but not least, discover the allure of the Jumbo Heirloom Claw, our largest heirloom claw that transcends the boundaries of hair textures. Infuse creativity effortlessly into your daily ensemble or turn to its quick-updo versatility for those moments on the move. Revel in the expansive dimensions, as this claw measures a striking 1.75” x 4.75” inches, gracefully accommodating all hair volumes while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated profile. Specifically designed for those with medium or large hair volumes, the Jumbo Heirloom Claw promises a secure hold without compromising on comfort or style. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury as this masterpiece is meticulously fashioned from robust Italian acetate, providing a tactile experience that harmonizes with its visual appeal.