The Ultimate 2022 Guide to Seasonal Types of Sunglasses

If you’re like most people, you probably look to buy sunglasses when the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, and you’re anticipating more time in the sun. But sunglasses are a timeless staple that can pull together an entire look all year round—not to mention they are certainly still functional (and even necessary!) during the cooler months. 

JJ Matchett, Founder, Designer, and Creative Director of MACHETE is here to share all of her creative insight on current fashion trends and advice on the best types of sunglasses in style this season. 


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Trending Types of Sunglasses

Like most fashion trends, sunglass styles come and go. And then come back again. 

JJ is seeing a movement toward big, oversized sunglasses akin to the era of ’70s fashion. This general fashion movement ushers in creative expressionism with bold patterns and shapes we haven’t seen in some time. ‘90s styles like sporty Oakleys and Kurt Cobain-style oval frames are making quite the comeback as well. 

“I think this has a lot to do with the pandemic,” said JJ. “People are coming out and wanting to express themselves. They call it ‘dopamine dressing’ now, just being really colorful and out there.”

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This idea of “dopamine dressing,” dressing in colors and styles that boost the mood, is certainly influencing upcoming maximalism fashion trends. Acetate aviators and bubbly, 3D-textured frames are dominating trends and reintroducing shapes unlike any we’ve seen in the last 30 or 40 years, according to JJ.

Sunglass Styles for Fall 

So what types of sunglasses are trending for the fall 2022 season? JJ is noticing a gravitation toward bold pops of color and unique shapes, even with the summer months winding down. 

“As we’re going into fall, I personally like to go with a lens with a lighter or more colorful tint,” said JJ. “I like lighter lenses because it’s not summer, so you’re not at the beach or outside as much, and you don’t need as much protection.”


Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry


“One of the ones I’ve been wearing recently are our stromanthe marble green colored sunglasses,” said JJ. “They have these really nice green tinted lenses.”

Across the board, JJ notices a lot of bold and bright colors popping up, like “Barbie-core” pink and neon greens. While MACHETE’s approach favors slightly more neutral styles, several MACHETE sunglass styles have adapted to bolder colors, like neon pink frames with saturated burgundy lenses. JJ considers this a great example of the way MACHETE stays up to date with current fashion trends without deviating too far from our own aesthetic. By incorporating timeless features like blush-tinted lenses and gold hardware accents, MACHETE eyewear stays on trend without being disposable, so you can wear them year after year.

“If I see something seasonal and trendy I like, I try to incorporate that into what we already do and see what way we can reinvent it to fit our aesthetic,” said JJ. “I think, ‘How would I wear this?’” 

Types of Sunglass Frames By Face Shape

JJ also has insight into the types of sunglass frames that flatter different face shapes best. Here are her recommendations for the best frames for round, square, heart, and oval shaped faces.

Round Face Shape

For round face shapes, JJ recommends wearing square-shaped sunglasses or, one of her new favorite styles, sporty wrap-around frames. Wayfarer sunglass styles also do well for round face shapes. 

Square Face Shape

Oversized sunglasses work nicely for square face shapes, as well as aviators, round, or oval shaped glasses.

Heart Face Shape

Tall frames in round, oval, or aviator shapes frame nicely with heart shaped faces that are wider at the top of the head. 

Oval Face Shape

Lucky you! Practically all frame styles will flatter your face shape, especially cat eye frames.

But when it comes to picking a specific type of sunglass frame that works best for you, JJ recommends listening to yourself and wearing what makes you feel the best. 

“I really just think it’s a feeling. Of course, see how you look in each frame. For example, I don’t think I can pull off aviators, but my husband has a pair of aviators that I wear all the time. I love the way they look, and even though I don’t have an “aviator face,” I love the way I look in them. It’s really about how it makes you feel.”

How to Style Sunglasses

Again, style comes down to personal choice and comfort. If you favor a more minimalist style, your sunglasses will look great with a simple pair of hoops. But if today’s bold expressionism speaks to you, monochromatic accessories are a great way to express yourself and embrace maximalist styles. Pair your acetate sunglasses with a chunky chain, bracelet, set of bangles, or pair of earrings of the same color. 

Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry

What are some of JJ’s favorite style and color combos? “I’m going to go with the stromanthe green,” she said. “I also really love the Suzy eyewear in alabaster; it has a nice deep garnet lens and a really pretty white stone colored frame. I’m also loving the light and dark tortoise stripe. It’s a really subtle detail in the eyewear that I think is just so pretty.”

Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry

Tips for Shopping for Sunglasses

JJ’s biggest piece of advice: “Try a lot on, and when you find something that really feels good, always go with your gut.”

JJ likes to follow a rule if she’s making several purchases at once to first find one pair that will go with everything; her personal favorite everyday eyewear is the Ruby Sunglasses in Blonde Tortoise. Then, she looks for a secondary neutral, then a third pair that’s more colorful and can be used for special occasions. Each of these color variations all come in the same style, a style she’s found works for her. 

Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry
Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry
Types of Sunglasses - Machete Jewelry

Finding a pair of eyewear you love can boost your confidence and help you find happiness with your personal style. Browse MACHETE’s selection of high-quality and environmentally friendly acetate sunglasses to find a style you love.