6 Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Hard-to-Buy-for Moms

The last time you asked the mother figure in your life what she wanted for Mother’s Day, it probably went something like this:

“Oh, nothing.”

Or maybe it went like this:

“I just want everyone to get along.”

Thanks, Mom. But that doesn’t help! It’s true that buying gifts for moms who have everything—even kids who get along—is difficult. Do they need another candle? Will they use another throw blanket? Some of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts include flowers, chocolates, and slippers. These are fine gifts, but let’s get her something she really likes.

Before you give up and grab a gift card from the corner grocery store on your way to Mother’s Day brunch, flip through our Mother’s Day gift ideas for hard to buy for moms and see if any of these stylish finds suit your mama.

A Stylish, Heirloom Quality Hair Brush

When was the last time your mom treated herself to something luxurious? Our stunning Italian Acetate hairbrushes top our list of perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for hard to buy for moms, especially the ones who love the finer things in life.

We spent three years developing and perfecting our beautiful but functional hair brush, offering three different sizes and two types of bristles. Picky moms can get precisely what they need for their hairstyles!


A Gift Basket with Her Favorite Things

Gift baskets filled with her favorite things, her favorite hobby supplies, and favorite beauty products are the best gifts for moms who have everything because they serve as a way to refill her stash of most-used items. For picky moms especially, focusing on her favorite items leaves little room to fail!

Plus, you get extra brownie points for knowing what she loves and any of her new interests and hobbies—win-win! Include thoughtful items, rather than generic items, such as:

  • Her favorite skincare or daily body lotion
  • Supplies for her latest hobby
  • Her favorite author’s latest book
  • Her favorite Machete Hair Claw in Classic Tortoise
  • Patterned socks in her alma mater’s colors
Fashion-Forward Sunglasses

Does the sun shine brighter when she’s around? Sunglasses make a great Mother’s Day gift idea for hard to buy for moms because who doesn’t appreciate an extra pair of shades? If you’ve got a a funky, artistic mom, try the Suzy Sunglasses in Tortoise Checker. If your mom is a more traditional lady, the Jenny Sunglasses in Alabaster may be just right for her everyday wear.

Our high-quality sunglasses keep eyes protected with UV400 protective lenses, which are also available with blue light-filtering filters. Each pair comes with a custom box and soft case for storage with a one-year warranty included, so she won’t ever have to worry.

Is she a little absentminded with her accessories? Add on our Chunky Sunglass Chain in a matching shade to keep her sunglasses (or glasses!) around her neck while looking super stylish. A fun set like this will make her proud to brag about her perfectly thoughtful gift.


A Fun Experience – Solo or with the Family

She said she wants everyone to get along for the day, so give her what she wants! One of the most fun Mother’s Day gift ideas for hard to buy for mothers is an experience. Whether the whole family joins her, or she gets to enjoy it on her own, an experience creates memories that will last forever. (Sustainability at its finest!)

If your moms likes to cook, book a pasta making class. If your mom has always talked about learning how to throw pottery, schedule a pottery workshop at a local studio. If your mom has a stressful job, book a full spa day with a massage and time to relax. Experiences make great gifts for moms who have everything, and therefore don’t need any more things, because she’ll get to enjoy a unique memory.

Personalized Monogram Jewelry

If you struggle with Mother’s Day gift ideas for hard to buy for moms because her style is classic, minimalistic, or low-maintenance, we understand the struggle. Timeless gifts for moms who have everything frequently involve personalized presents, such as monogrammed jewelry in classic metals like gold or silver.

Our Monogram Collection features monogram charms made from hammered 14k gold-plated brass and come in stylish pieces such as silk cord necklaces and studded earrings.

Monogram necklaces come in two sizes—original (14mm) and Grande (40mm)—and both hang from an included silk cord. Or, the charms can be added to her favorite necklace or charm bracelet. Our Monogram studded earrings are beautifully simple pieces that can be purchased as a pair or as a single to mix-and-match initials of her favorite children, pets, or partner.

Custom Framed Artwork

Another thoughtful gift for moms who have everything is a personalized piece of artwork. A special conversation starter for moms who love to entertain guests at home, framed artwork that holds special meaning to her or the family will be a prized possession for years to come. 

Work with a local artist to produce a one-of-a-kind piece. Ideas to get you started include:

  • A renewed recipe card of a secret family recipe
  • A unique portrait of the family pet
  • A watercolor version of her (or your) childhood home

No matter what Mother’s Day gift ideas for hard to buy for mom you come up with, a present from the heart will mean the most to the special lady in your life. Even a phone call is one of the most prized gifts to a mom. (In fact, more calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year!) When all else fails, and you just can’t come up with a gift for mom who has everything, lead with a genuine, loving note and whatever gift you choose will be icing on the cake.

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