How to: Resize and Adjust Our Watch Bands

The smartwatch revolution brought us much more than just novel assistive technology we can wear on our wrists. No longer just a practical tool in the world of health and exercise, smartwatches have become fashion statement pieces for everyday wear and even formal occasions.

You don’t have to sacrifice the convenience of setting reminders and getting alerts right from your wrist when you need to spice up a sporty watch. MACHETE’s wide collection of Smart Watch Bands blends luxury and practicality so you can wear your smartwatch for any occasion.

But just as important as looking great on your wrist, your watch should feel great as well. MACHETE’s Smart Watch Bands come universally sized with easy instructions for resizing our watch bands. With this guide, we’ll go into more depth about how to adjust your watch band so you can get the perfect fit.

Can I adjust a watch band myself?

While a jeweler will give you a more professional and fitted watch band adjustment, it is possible to resize your watch band on your own. Many local jewelers offer watch adjustments as a complimentary or low-cost service since the process only takes a few minutes. If you do choose the DIY adjustment route, we highly recommend using MACHETE’s Watch Resizing Kit included in every watch band purchase to avoid any damage from other household adjustment tools.

You can watch this tutorial on how to remove links and resize your smartwatch band using our Watch Resizing Kit, or follow along with these steps.

How to Adjust Your Watch Band

Our watch bands are made of acetate links held together by small pins. All of our watch bands come wrapped in protective covering and include a watch resizing kit and extra replacement pins should you need them. If you’ll need to add length to your band, select the option for additional links before adding the watch band to your cart.

Once you have your watch band and resizing kit out, you’re ready to start adjusting the band with the following steps:

1. Remove the protective wrap from your watch band.

2. Flip your watch band over and look for the small arrows on the back of the band. These arrows indicate which direction to push out the pins.

3. Align the replacement head of the resizing kit to the pin head on the link you’re removing from the watch band. 

4. Screw the replacement head onto the pin head to push the pin out. Be mindful of some initial tension here because the pin is slightly wider at the end of the link to keep the pin in place.

5. Once the pin head pops out at the end of the link, start retracting the
replacement screw on the resizing device. Be careful not to push the
replacement head too far into the watch link or it may get stuck. 

6. Pull the pin out with your hands. You should have two separate pieces of your watch band. 

7. Repeat steps 2-6 for the other pin on the opposite side of the link you’re removing. The link should detach completely from the watch band. Repeat
with as many other links as necessary to get the fit you want. 

8. Flip the watch band over and find the arrows that indicate which direction to push the pin again. This time, you’ll want to put the pin in the
opposite direction as you pushed out. Once again, use the replacement screw to push the pin back into place until the pin head is flush with the side of the watch link.

Other things to note: you can’t detach the last link on either side of the watch band that connects to the smartwatch, or the links attached to either side of the metal clasp. If you’re removing multiple links, stay within the middle of the band and remove links from both sides of the clasp to keep the number of links even on both sides of the watch band.

MACHETE Watch Band Fits

MACHETE Watch Bands are size inclusive, and the inner circumference of each band measures approximately 8-8.75 inches with the smartwatch device attached. If you will need a longer watch band, simply select the option to include extra links in your purchase at no additional cost.

Our Apple Watch bands come in two different case sizes: 38mm/40mm/41mm case size and 42mm/44mm/45mm case size. Be sure to have your Apple Watch sizing information handy when purchasing your Watch Band, especially if you’re buying this as a gift.

Watch Band Frequently Asked Questions

How do you adjust a watch band at home?

If you’re going to adjust your watch band at home, we highly recommend carefully watching our tutorial video on how to use the Watch Resizing Kit that comes with your watch band purchase.

How much length does each link subtract?

Each link takes away about 0.4 inches from the total length of the watch band.

What are MACHETE’s Watch Bands made from?

Our watch bands are made from imported Italian acetate and use stainless steel, hypoallergenic hardware.

A classic, timeless watch band is a great way to complete an outfit for any occasion. With MACHETE’s wide selection of fine Italian acetate watch bands, you don’t have to miss out on closing your rings or meeting your daily steps goal just because your sporty watch clashes with your outfit.

MACHETE’s adjustable watch bands also make perfect gifts, no measurements necessary! All you need to know is what type of watch the receiver has and which color and style speaks to their personality best.

If you have any questions or problems with resizing your watch band, don’t hesitate to reach out to MACHETE customer service at