6 Fall/Winter Fashion and Jewelry Trends We Love for 2023

The fashion industry can let out a collective sigh of relief as Paris Fashion Week comes to an end. The finale of the four fall/winter fashion weeks—New York, London, Milan, and Paris—means the authorities have spoken. Fall/Winter 2023 fashion trends are no longer a secret, and designers and retailers can move forward with the collections they’ve reserved for the end of the year.

Though we’re excited for spring and summer to bring warmer weather our way, it’s never too early to start planning for fall and winter. We’re ready to look ahead and start collecting our new wardrobe pieces around exciting fall/winter fashion and unique color and jewelry trends of 2023. Let’s dive right into what you can expect to see in stores and online this autumn and winter.

Vibrant and Bold Colors

Pantone, the color expert, already declared Viva Magenta the color of the year for 2023, so it’s no surprise the fall/winter 2023 fashion trends are following suit.

This bright and bold pink surely makes a statement on the street and at any event. If you’re unsure if you can pull off a floor-length magenta gown for your next soiree, get your feet wet with our Ruby Sunglasses in Neon Pink. Eyewear is a fun and affordable way to spice up your look and test out new shades—no pun intended.

Other bold colors seen on runways from New York to Paris include a deep forest green, bright orange, teal blue, and poppy red. These
colors have painted the way for jewelry trends of 2023 and are popping up in bursts of color on wrists everywhere. Our Jumbo Cuffs come in a rainbow of colors, from Bright Green to Poppy and Bright Blue to Light Blue.

Chunky, Clunky Accessories

We’d be lying if we didn’t love the extra lift from a chunky boot or sneaker. That’s why we’re ecstatic these clunky accessories are sticking around, according to fall/winter 2023 fashion trends experts. Give us all the bulky footwear, jewelry, hair accessories, and bags. We love an oversized moment.

How do these translate to 2023 jewelry trends? Easy. According to Vogue, chunky link necklaces in short silhouettes, cuff bracelets, and statement earrings. You can fill your jewelry box with chunky gold chain necklaces, silver linked bracelets, and mixed metal linked earrings, and (we’d bet) they’ll never go completely out of style.

Chunky studs also made a statement on runways from Balmain, Saint Laurent, and more. No hoops, no dangles—just pure studded classics in huge, lobe-covering sizes and bold shapes and colors. Like our Sculpture Studs, these chunky fall/winter 2023 fashion trends are a conversation
starter. Ease into the trend with our mini size, or go all in with the
full-size studs.

Whether you choose to suit up with a chunky, metallic collar in gold or statement studs in all shapes and colors, this jewelry trend is 2023’s winter wonder.

Clutch to Your Bags

Hold on tight—fall/winter 2023 fashion trends say clutches are in. Whether oversized and slumpy or pocket-sized and structured, the strapless bag will come in clutch in your fall and winter wardrobe.

Want to play into the trend, but you’re afraid a night on the town might have you losing your belongings? Shh, we won’t tell. Fake it with a removable handbag chain that you can add on for extra security when the night heats up. 

Neutral Core Classics

Luckily for your wardrobe, neutrals never go out of style. Instead, the core classics get a seasonal update in new shades and pairing variants. For neutral jewelry trends of 2023, it’s all about taking the classics and adjusting the shades to be slightly untraditional.

Nude peach rides the line between a neutral and a soft pink. It combines the look of a soft beige but with an elegant Baby Spice flair. Add our Disc Charms to your shopping basket to try out this feminine color. They come in various colors and neutral patterns, including Bright Pink, and can be paired with the Chunky or Hinge Hoops to match your outfit—or your mood—of the day.

As seen on Miu Miu in Paris, Caramel and ochre colors blend browns, whites, and blacks to create a bolder neutral for those who love color or are just dipping their toes. Our Collage Link Necklace in Ochre combines silver and gold hardware with ochre acetate for a classic linked silhouette in an updated fall/winter 2023 fashion trends style.

Stay Cool this Fall/Winter

No matter which new fall/winter 2023 fashion trends and colors you’re most drawn to, it’s all about feeling cool and staying warm in what makes you feel like you. Can’t commit to the statement colors and conversation starters? Try a little touch of the classics with an updated version, like Mini Sculpture Studs in Ivory or the Collage Chain Necklace in Mixed Metal. These jewelry trends of 2023 are bound to stick around.

There’s no reason to reinvent yourself. Play with your signature style by adding thoughtful jewelry and accessory pieces to an already completely stylish and so totally “you” wardrobe you love this fall and winter.