Earrings Inspiration Guide: Machete Hoops Edition

There is no accessory that checks every box for fashion quite like earrings: low-effort, comfortable, fashion-forward, and versatile. We’re proud of our wide variety of staple hoop earrings, but we know with so many different styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair for everyday wear or that special occasion.

Whether running to the grocery store or heading into a work meeting, the right pair of hoops can give you a boost of confidence or tie together an entire outfit. In this earrings inspiration guide, we’ll show you how to wear our hoop earrings and style them for any occasion.

How to Wear Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have been elegant yet powerful pieces of jewelry for centuries, and their versatility is unmatched. With so many different colors, styles, shapes, and patterns, hoop earrings can complement elegant, classic, casual, or stylish looks.

How should you style your hair with hoop earrings? If you’re wearing smaller hoops, try tying your hair back into a ponytail, bun, or claw clip to draw attention to the jewelry. When wearing bolder, bigger hoops, leaving your hair down makes the earrings less of a statement. There is truly no right or wrong way to style your hair with hoop earrings—if you want your bold earrings to make a dramatic statement, try slicking your hair back to show them off!

Oftentimes, bold earrings can stand alone as the only piece of jewelry you need to round out a look, but a small, simple necklace also pairs nicely with hoop earrings. While we can’t tell you exactly what will feel the most comfortable for you and your own unique taste, we can give you some earring inspiration from styles we’ve been loving this season.

What are some of our favorite trending earrings?

From simple gold everyday earrings to bold and chunky statement hoops, here are some of the hoop earring styles that have been wowing us lately. We’ll start with the basics and then branch out to bolder colorways and more funky shapes to give you the ultimate earring inspiration guide.

The Athleisure Hoop Look

The next time you’re grabbing a few groceries after spin class in leggings and a messy bun, try adding a simple pair of small gold hoops to complement the look. Athleisure has been all the rage lately, and our Perfect Hoops collection is a great place to start looking for a comfortable pair of everyday earrings that truly accompany any occasion.

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1" Perfect Hoops in Gold
1" Perfect Hoops in Gold
1" Perfect Hoops in Silver
1" Perfect Hoops in Silver
Versatile Tortoise Hoops

We love these lightweight mini tortoise hoops for elegant everyday or evening wear. Handmade from Italian acetate, these hoops flatter all skin tones and the marble blend of soft blondes and warm browns pairs well with both silver and gold jewelry. These hoops are a great staple to have if you like wearing a mix of silver and gold metals. The brown shades and earthy tones in this hoop also complement many fall clothing palettes, making it a perfect autumn earring choice.

Timeless Big and Bold Hoops

Another great earring choice for fall and winter, big hoops add elegance and charm to any outfit, especially simple turtlenecks or chunky sweaters. This glamorous, timeless earring style reinvents itself in nearly every season, and we’ve seen some great variations come out of this current era of bold, creative expressionism. If you love the classic big hoop look, try experimenting with our new colorways like the bold, bright blue hues of this Cerulean Large Hoop.

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Large Hoop Earrings in Capri
Large Hoops in Capri
Large Hoop Earrings in Cerulean
Large Hoops in Cerulean
Monochromatic Accessorizing

We’ve also noticed a wave lately toward bold, monochromatic accessorizing with earrings, bangles, and even sunglasses. Matching the colors and patterns of accessories to each other is great for making statements that pack a punch, but this style can work well for everyday wear too.

Playful Patterns

Great for happy hours, nights out, dressing up a simple everyday outfit, or even adding a powerful addition to your Monday morning work fit, patterned hoops are much more versatile than one would expect. Once you’ve found your favorite hoop size and shape, play around with different patterns that speak to you, like the beautiful marbled shades of emerald, jade, and white found in this Stromanthe hoop.

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Midi Square Hoop Earrings in Stromanthe
Midi Square Hoops in Stromanthe
Unconventional Shapes

We love defying style norms, especially when it comes to the shape of our hoops. Experiment with unconventional hoop shapes, like bold square hoops, chunky oval link hoops, or our eye-catching Atlas hoops. Mix and match colorful patterns with these unique shapes for a surefire way to turn heads when you walk into a room.