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Necklaces FAQ

How do you fix a broken chain link necklace?

Here are the steps to fixing a broken chain link necklace.

1. Gather Your Materials:
Ensure you have a pair of needle-nose pliers and a replacement jump ring or a spare link.

2. Find the Break:
Locate the broken link in the chain. If it's a clean break, it will be easier to repair.

3. Open the Pliers:
Use the needle-nose pliers to gently open the broken link on each side. Be careful not to distort the shape of the link.

4. Insert Replacement Link:
If you have a replacement jump ring or a spare link, insert it into the open ends of the broken link.

5. Close the Link:
Use the pliers to carefully close the link, ensuring it's securely fastened. Make sure there are no gaps.

6. Test the Repair:
Gently tug on the chain to ensure the repair is sturdy. If it holds, your necklace is ready to wear again. If the repair is not sturdy, repeat the opening and closing process until it holds sufficiently.

How do you put a necklace in a jewelry box?

Here are four ways to put your necklace in a jewelry box that ensure it's safety:

1. Use a slitted straw to hold one side of the necklace together and lay it flat so it doesn't get tangled around itself.

2. Make cardboard inserts or trays to separate your necklaces and keep them organized

3. Add your necklaces to used, washed out spice jars. This will keep them protected from the environment separated from other jewelry.

4. Wrap your necklaces in tissue paper to keep them safe from damage and ensure they don't tangle.