Modern readers, made by hand in our signature Italian acetate with up to 3.00 magnification.
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Readers FAQs

What Makes MACHETE Reading Glasses a Preferred Choice for Reading and Style?
MACHETE glasses stand out for a few reasons:

1. Classic design
Our timeless glasses can be the perfect accent to your OOTD.

2. Multiple magnification options
MACHETE glasses provide excellent clarity with four distincts magnification options.

3. Sustainable production
Our glasses are made with enviroment friendly, biodegradeable Italian acetate.

4. High-quality materials
MACHETE glasses are built to last for years after purchase.

Do You Offer Prescription Lenses or Different Magnifications?
While we do not offer prescription lenses for our reading glasses, we do provide options for four different magnification types: 1.00, 1.50, 2.00. 3.00. We also offer blue light filtering lenses with no magnification.

Are These Glasses Suitable for All Types of Reading, Such as Books or Screens?
Yes, MACHETE reading glasses are perfect for reading from books, screens, or any other medium where reading without glasses may be difficult.