Lightweight earring charms handmade from our signature Italian acetate. Compatible with our Chunky, Baby Chunky and Petite Hoop earrings.

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Hoop Charms FAQs

How do you put charms on earrings?

Here's how you can easily attach earring charms to your hoop earrings:

1. Select Your Charms:
Choose the charms that best complement your hoop earrings.

2. Open the Hoop:
Gently open the hoop earring by locating the opening or hinge. Most hoop earrings have a small gap that allows you to add or remove charms easily. This can be done with a pair of needle nose pliers.

3. Slide On the Charm:
Thread the charm onto the earring hook through the opening you created. Take care to ensure a secure fit, and position the charm exactly where you want it on the hoop.

4. Close the Hoop:
Once the charm is in place, carefully close the hoop by bringing the two ends back together with your needle nose pliers. Ensure a snug closure to prevent the charm from slipping off during wear.