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Eyewear Chains FAQs

How do you wear a glasses chain?
Here are the steps to wearing a glasses chain:

1. Attach: Securely attach one end of the chain to the arm of your glasses with the open loops on the end.

2. Adjust: Find a comfortable length by adjusting the chain to your preferred position. Ensure it rests comfortably around your neck without being too tight or too loose.

3. Secure: Secure the other end of the glasses chain to the other glasses arm with the currently unused open loop.

How do you attach a glasses chain?
How to attach a MACHETE glasses chain to your eyewear:

1. Open the Loops:
Each end of the glasses chain has small loops. Gently open these loops to reveal the connectors.

2. Slide the Connectors onto the Glasses Temple Tips:
Find the temple tips of your sunglasses. Slide the open loops of the chain connectors onto each temple tip.

3. Adjust for Comfort:
Once the connectors are in place, adjust the chain length to your preferred fit. Ensure it's snug but not too tight for comfortable wear.

4. Secure the Loops:
Close the loops around the temple tips to secure the chain in place. Make sure they are properly closed to prevent accidental detachment.

5. Double-Check for Stability:
Give a gentle tug on the chain to ensure it's securely attached. A well-attached chain adds a touch of elegance to your eyewear.