A collection of classic barrette clips, handcrafted in our signature Italian acetate.
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Barrettes FAQs

How Do You Wear a French Barrette?
Wearing a French barrette to create a classsic look. Here's how:

1. Choose the Right Size: Select a French barrette that complements the thickness and length of your hair.

2. Prepare Your Hair: Smooth your hair with a brush or comb to remove any tangles. If you have very silky hair, consider using a texturizing spray for better grip.

3. Decide on Your Hairstyle: French barrettes are versatile and can be used in various hairstyles. Whether you’re pulling your hair back into a half-up style, securing a ponytail, or clipping back a section of hair, these barrettes add a chic touch.

4. Place the Barrette: Gather your hair at the nape of your neck. Press down on one end of the barrette to open it. Insert the bottom of the barrette under your gathered hair and push it through until it reaches the other side.

5. Secure the Clasp: Snap the clasp shut to hold your hair.

6. Adjust as Needed: Once the barrette is in place, make any necessary adjustments to ensure your hair looks neat and the barrette feels comfortable.

How Do You Use a Barrette?
Here's a step-by-step guide on using a barrette:

1. Select the Ideal Barrette: Choose a barrette that complements your hair type and the style you're aiming for.

2. Style Your Hair: Decide on your hairstyle before applying the barrette.

3. Prepare Your Hair: For better grip, especially if you have fine or sleek hair, apply some hairspray or styling cream to give your hair more texture.

4. Placing the Barrette:
a. Opening the Barrette: Hold the barrette in one hand and locate the clasp. Usually, you'll find a small lever or a push mechanism at one end of the barrette. Gently push or lift this lever to open the barrette.
b. Positioning the Barrette: Depending on your style, you may clip the barrette at the back to hold an updo, at the side to pin back a section of hair, or even at the top to accentuate a ponytail or bun.
c. Closing the Barrette: Once the barrette is positioned correctly, gently release the lever or push mechanism. This should snap the barrette shut, securing your hair in place. Make sure the barrette clasps firmly but doesn't pull or tug on your hair uncomfortably.

5. Check for Comfort and Security: A properly placed barrette should hold your hair firmly without causing discomfort. If it feels too tight or too loose, gently reposition and secure it again.

How Do You Wear a Barrette Clip?
Begin by selecting a stylish barrette clip that is appropriate for your hair type. Next, decide on what hairstyle you want. If your hair is particularly smooth or fine, you might want to prepare it by adding a bit of texture with some styling product, which helps the barrette stay in place.

Next, open the barrette by pressing down on the lever or clasp, which is typically located on one side. With it open, gently slide it into your hair at your desired location. This could be to secure a section of hair to the side, to make a bun, or to add a decorative touch to a half-up, half-down style. Once you insert the barrette, secure it by releasing the lever, allowing it to clasp onto your hair.