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How do you clean a fine tooth comb?
To clean a fine tooth comb, first remove all of the hair between the teeth and dispose of it. Next, put your comb in a container of hot, soapy water. Once it has sat for a few minutes, use an old toothbrush to vigorously scrub the comb to get rid of any built-up dirt. Alternatively, you can soak your comb in baking soda or vinegar solutions to help clean.

What is a fine tooth comb used for?
Fine tooth combs are used to help get hair perfectly straight. They are ideally used for people with straight, short, or fine hair. They can be used to detangle, style, or part hair in certain places.

How do I clean a machete comb to ensure its longevity?
To ensure the longevity of your machete comb, be sure to clean it around once per month. This includes removing all of the hair from between the teeth, soaking your comb in a soapy water solution, and then scouring it to get rid of any stuck dirt.

Is a machete comb suitable for different hair types and styles?
Yes! MACHETE’s stylish combs are perfect for any hair type, from straight to curly.

How can I use a machete comb effectively for grooming and styling?
MACHETE combs can be used to groom and style any hair type with ease. Our handmade combs gently detangle hair without pulling or snagging on strands. From that, you can use the MACHETE comb to form your (or anyone else’s) hair into a timeless style.