Blue Light Glasses
Blue light filtering glasses, handcrafted from our sustainable Italian acetate. Available in four unique styles and countless colorways.

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Machete Blue Light Glasses


How Can I Tell if My Glasses Are Blue Light Filtering?
An easy way to tell if your glasses are filtering blue light is to do a blue light reflection test. If a blue colored light is showing on your lens when you hold it up to an artificial light source, it means it is blocking at least some blue light. You can also do this with the black and blue square test or the RGB color chart test.

What Are Blue Light Filtering Glasses?
Blue light filtering glasses are glasses with lenses that reflect or absorb blue light to help protect the eyes from strain, headaches, eye damage, and more.

How Do Blue Light Filtering Glasses Work?
Blue light filtering glasses work by reflecting or absorbing blue light. This is done with either a special coating that goes on top of the lens or through a unique construction of the lens that filters out harmful blue light.

How Important Are Blue Light Filtering Glasses?
Blue light filtering glasses are very important, especially if you sit in front of a screen for extended periods. They can help reduce eye strain and prevent eye damage. In some cases, they've even been known to help improve sleep quality.