6 Winter Jewelry Trends to Try This Season

So you want to take your style to the next level this winter? Accessories are the perfect way to reinvigorate your seasonal staples and go bold during the colder winter months. Whether you’re ready to tackle new trends for the new year or want to elevate your favorite looks, these winter jewelry trends of 2023 are taking style by storm.

While cozy accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves might be on heavy rotation, winter jewelry offers a prime opportunity to test new trends or bold alternatives to classic styles. Chunky chain links? It’s a go. Reliving the “sk8r grl” era? You won’t have to beg us to bust out the styles of our youth.

For an effortlessly accessorized look this winter, incorporate these winter jewelry trends into your wardrobe.

Woman wearing Machete Classic Tortoise earrings


Take that perfectionism and throw it right out the window. Asymmetrical jewelry is the bold, modern way to make a statement. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to purchase new pieces to make an entirely new look. Just mix and match your favorite pairs of winter earrings to create new combinations from jewelry you already own. 

The asymmetrical winter earrings look we’re loving includes a long, dangling earring on the right ear paired with a statement stud on the left. The asymmetrical mixed metal trend also makes a statement in winter jewelry pieces with half-silver, half-gold necklaces and bracelets.

Youthful Icons

We’re all for letting your inner child free, which is easy to do with the latest winter jewelry featuring icons from your childhood. Winter jewelry trends for 2023 are bursting at the seams with hearts, daisies, smiley faces, butterflies, and rainbow colors. Yes, millennials, it’s time to dig out the jewelry from your youth. Not only do these display your bold personality, but they also show off your playfulness, too. For those who shy away from bright colors, look for charm necklaces with dainty butterflies or monochromatic beaded daisy bracelets.


Pearls aren’t just for your preppy grandmother. The underwater gemstone has returned with a fresh take on the classic. Modern alternatives to the traditional, round gem include freshwater pearl chokers and anklets made with organic pearl shapes (think oblong and oval) and varying colors and sizes.

Pearls paired with beads or chains look anything but stuffy for the modern maven. And don’t get caught up in pearls being a jewelry trend reserved for summer. These winter jewelry stand-outs can be worn as a subtle nod to warmer days on the ocean.

Mixed Metals

Jewelry rules are meant to be broken. The outdated notion that we shouldn’t be wearing gold and silver together? It’s a resounding pass from us. In fact, we encourage it. Winter jewelry can be warmed up with mixed metals, pairing gold and silver bangles together in one stack or even mixed metals together on one piece, like on our Collage Chain Necklace.

2000s Revival

Trends repeat themselves, but is it time for the 2000s to come back? Of course it is—and we’re here for it. For these “vintage” winter jewelry looks, harness the Y2K aesthetic of the early aughts. The latest throwback looks involve the checkerboard patterns of the 2000s past in muted neutrals or soft colors, chunky rings made with funky shapes and colors, and classic chain links in silver, gold, and brighter colors.

Functional Accessories

Why accept the status quo when it comes to bland accessories like hair clips and watch straps? One of our favorite winter jewelry trends of 2023 is the functional accessory that dresses up those bland accessories everyone else has. 

Play up your smart watch strap with punchy green links that are both a statement and a classic. If you’re taking full advantage of the slicked-back bun trend, throw in a tortoise checker-print French hairpin for a unique twist on the style. There is always a reason to celebrate the every day with a touch of something extra special.

Remix Your Winter Jewelry Looks

Whether you love the winter jewelry trends of 2023 or not, the best winter jewelry trend is all about wearing what you love. Our rule? Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pieces and show off your unique personality. Think of what’s trending now as a fresh new take on what’s always been around with a bit of modern spin.

Trial and error is your best friend when it comes to finding out which winter jewelry trend works for you–unless, of course, you’ve been rocking your 2000s jewelry pieces for the last two decades. In which case, rock on, trendsetter.