Types of Hair Accessories Guide: Claw Clips, Hair Barrettes, and More

We’ve been adorning our hair with accessories since the beginning of early civilization. Many cultures throughout human history have esteemed hair accessories as symbols of royalty, prestige, divinity, and courage. Today, hair clips and pins still radiate a sense of luxury and elegance for women around the world.

While so many types of hair accessories serve the primary function of keeping hair out of the face, hair clips and pins are effortless fashion accessories that can elevate any look. Here at MACHETE, our handmade pieces can support or accessorize hairstyles ranging from a classic ponytail or twist to a messy half-do.

So what are the most popular hair accessories? There are many different names of hair accessories out there, but the most popular hair pieces we’ve seen time and time again are the classic claw clip, barrette clips, French hair pins, and hair combs.

Whether you’re using mini clips to keep baby hairs away or Jumbo clips to hold up large sections of hair, it’s important to know how to use different hair accessories—and learn that these techniques are really quite simple. The following hair accessories list will give you an idea of how to style different MACHETE products and give some inspiration on styles you might not have considered before!

Claw Clips

Claw clips are easily one of the most versatile types of hair accessories to wear. Whether dressing for a night out or in loungewear, claw clips are an effortless and practical way to add style to your hair. Plus, it’s a great heat-alternative hairstyle that minimizes hair damage. Here are a few ways you can wear MACHETE claw clips that cater to different hair types and styles.

The Mini Heirloom claw is great for pulling small sections of hair up and out of your face, or for adding adornments to already styled sections of hair.

The Midi Heirloom and Grande Heirloom claws are great for twisting larger sections of hair into a loose hanging ponytail or modified French twist. These styles are classy and elegant and require half the time and energy of traditional up-dos. You’ll want to choose a clip that matches the thickness and texture of your hair. For thin to medium-bodied hair, the Midi Heirloom clip should hold all of your hair in place. For women with thick hair, curls, or texture, or simply looking for a more secure hold, opt for the Grande Heirloom claw.

Instead of securing a low bun with a hair elastic, use the Midi or Twin Heirloom claws to hold the bun in place for a chic twist on a traditional messy bun.

Claw Clips

Barrette Clips

The barrette clip is a different type of hair accessory, fastened with a metal base clip that holds the hair in place between a metal arm and a tension bar. MACHETE’s barrette clips are finished with a fine acetate topper, which is more durable and eco-friendly than the plastic or resin found on most barrette clips.

MACHETE barrette clips come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and color patterns to adorn any look or occasion. Here are some of the ways to wear and style our collection of barrettes.

Small barrettes, like the No. 3 clips from our Heirloom Collection, are designed to keep hair out of the eye or to hold up small pieces of hair. Our recommendation: try stacking multiple clips on top of each other for a unique take on a classic look.

Just like claw clips, larger barrette clips like the Jumbo Box Clip are great for securing French twists into place. Simply fasten the clip onto the hair just below the thickest part of the twist for a firm hold.

The Jumbo clip comes in both Box and Oval shapes, so you can play around with mixing different shapes and colors. Accessorize your braids or ponytails with multiple barrettes, or use them in place of hair elastics for low ponytails. The style combinations are endless!

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Jumbo Box Clip in Blonde Tortoise
Jumbo Box Barrette in Blonde Tortoise
Jumbo Oval Clip in Alabaster
Jumbo Oval Barrette in Alabaster
French Hair Pins

MACHETE’s French hair pins are always a fan favorite, plus these accessories make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. With no moving parts to worry about breaking, hair pins are a great hair accessory to leave in a bag and take with you on the go.

The most traditional way to wear French hair pins is in a twisted bun or half-up twist. Picture the girls in middle school who could pin their hair up with just a pencil, only classier. With a little practice—and perhaps a little hair teasing—you’ll be on your way to a chic, runway-worthy look that’s effortlessly sophisticated.

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French Hair Pin in Blonde Tortoise
French Hair Pin in Blonde Tortoise
Midi Oval French Hair Pin in Gold
Midi Oval French Hair Pin in Gold
Hair Combs

While you may think of buying a hair comb as only a practical purchase, who says it can’t serve an equally aesthetic purpose as well? MACHETE’s high-quality hair combs in patterns like timeless Classic Tortoise, bold Malachite, or soft Ivory are beautiful luxury additions to your hair accessories collection.

Completely waterproof, MACHETE combs can be left in the bathroom, shower, or displayed on a vanity. With four different sizes to choose from, you’ll find combs perfect for fine, straight hair to combs designed with curly hair and afros in mind to everything in between.

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MACHETE No. 2 Comb in Alabaster
No. 2 Comb in Alabaster
MACHETE No. 4 Comb in Stromanthe
No. 4 Comb in Stromanthe
Material Matters

Fully metal clips may stand the test of time, but they’re often uncomfortable and not as stylish as one might hope. Plastic clips, while they may come in a variety of colors and patterns that suit any outfit style, tend to be very brittle and break easily. Rest assured with MACHETE’s handmade acetate accessories, your claw clip, barrette, or hair pin will last you for years to come.

Find something you love for yourself or someone else? Shop MACHETE hair accessories for the easiest, most versatile way to elevate any hairstyle.