MACHETE Muse Spotlight: Hannah Poston
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Q: How and when did you start making beauty videos on YouTube?

Before I became a content creator, I was making one-of-a-kind clothes for tango dancers and selling them through my small specialty clothing label, Poema Clothing. I started my YouTube channel in 2018 as a side project, and then in 2020 when social dancing was paused around the world, my husband and I had to shutter the clothing business nearly overnight. We pivoted to pour all of our energy into the YouTube channel, and luckily it flourished!

Hannah's Picks

Q: Describe your style in three words.

Comfortable, chic, and artistic.

Q: Do you think an outfit should form around your accessories, or accessories should come after the outfit is chosen?

I think it depends on the day and the occasion, but most of all it depends on the accessories in question. With intense statement accessories it is sometimes wise to build the outfit around them, almost as a background, so that the accessories can truly shine. Some accessories have a bold quality but are still somehow able to complement.

Q: What is one tip you have for someone looking to build their own capsule wardrobe with fewer pieces? 

I am always reminding myself of the power of a classic piece. In the moment when I’m making a purchase, especially an investment piece, I’m often tempted by the drama of offbeat colors and wild prints. But in practice, I’m most grateful to my past self for having invested in high-quality “workhorse” pieces like a top-quality white linen button-down or a timeless tortoise hair claw.

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