5 Earring Stacks You Should Have on Deck

Multiple ear piercings: Once a stereotypical form of teenage rebellion; now an edgy-yet-elegant form of self-expression that’s left us with virtually endless combinations of ear candy. While most days these options excite us, there are some days when it feels like a task to figure out what earring stack we’d like to sport.

Whether you’re brand new to the piercing party or have been rocking the look since the early aughts, we figured we weren’t the only ones who have decision fatigue when it comes to stacking earrings—so here’s a list of our top five earring stacking ideas to inspire your next look.

Hoops on Hoops

This earring stacking idea is for those looking for a bit more of an impactful look. The main idea is to take two hoops, one smaller and one bigger, and place the bigger size in the lower piercing and the smaller in the double piercing. You can either go with simple gold, or you could pump up the color by stacking two different shades together, such as our Mini Hoops in Ceruleanand our Large Hoops in Ivory.

Dramatic Cartilage Piercings and Lowkey Studs

Try toning down your lower piercings (AKA the standard lobe, inner lobe, anti-tragus, and orbital) and opt for a helix earring that is a bit more flashy. We like the look of a helix earring that is longer or one with a chain that attaches to a lower piercing. Dress all your other piercings in pearl, diamond, and/or plain gold studs and you’ve got yourself quite the look.


Okay, we’ll admit it. This earring stacking idea sprouted out of our tendency to lose one earring out of a pair of them. Instead of throwing the other now-lonely earring away, why not create an asymmetrical look?

Say the pairless earring was one of our Gem Link Earrings in Black and Clear. Place this one in your standard lobe piercing on one of your ears, and put one of our Maya Earrings in Gold in the other standard lobe piercing. Finish the look with solid gold studs in all of your other piercings and you’ve got a unique look that makes it look like you lost the other earring just so you could make creative strides in the fashion world.

Cuffs All Around

Little huggie hoops have been taking the earring stack world by storm. Let’s overload our ears with petite, snug-fitting hoops for a different twist on this current trend. 

Start with our Perfect Huggies in Gold in your standard lobe piercing. Then put smaller, thinner huggies in whatever colors, gemstones, etc. you desire in all of your other piercings. The end result is huggie overload: An adorably chic way to deck out your ears.

Chains That Excite Us

The thought of chains in stacked earrings instead of necklaces or bracelets is so fun, and some designs can use three piercings at once! For example, try threader earrings—a simple and unique idea that makes earring stacking super simple (a whole stack using just one earring!).

We also love the look of adding a chain to one of our piercings, such as this drop chain earring look. Want a chain look that’s even bolder? Try something like our Extended Chunky Link Hoops in Ochre.

What are Your Favorite Earring Stacking Ideas?

We hope our earring stacking ideas inspired you to experiment with your stacked earrings. As a team of jewelry enthusiasts, we would love to hear your go-to methods and stacks. Have any unique looks or pairings that you love? Share your favorite styles and ideas with us here at Machete—and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!  

Personally, we’re thinking that maybe it’s time to get another piercing.

FAQs About Stacks

Not sure how to get started with the pierced aesthetic? Check out these frequently asked questions.

How should I stack my earrings?

We recommend any of the above suggestions, but our personal favorites are hoop stacking and the asymmetrical look.

How do you stack stud earrings?

With any of the methods listed above! Besides that, try mixing silver and gold studs, combining two different colors, combining designs, and clashing patterns. Get creative!

What ear piercings go well together?

Where a person pierces their ear is entirely up to them, and we think a whole host of different piercing placements can look stunning together. But starting with the standard lobe piercing and moving your way up the ear is usually a pretty safe way to go about getting more piercings.

How do you deal with a stacked ear piercing?

Our favorite ways to deal with a stacked ear piercing are mixing and matching different types of earrings, wearing multiple hoops on the same ear, or looking for a super unique helix earring!