2023 Style Resolutions: 8 Ways We Plan to Mix It Up This Year

We know thinking about new year's resolutions can be a bit of a mixed bag. There can be feelings of triumph as you think of resolutions of years past that you’ve completed, and there can be feelings of annoyance at having completely forgotten your resolutions mere days after deciding upon them. 

But this year, we’ve decided to partake in a new type of resolution: new year style resolutions. And we’re committing to them for the sake of the planet, the fashion industry as a whole, and those clothes in the back of our closet that have been begging to be worn for at least half a decade.

So after mulling it over for the first few weeks of January, we’ve finally come up with a list of our 2023 style resolutions, and they’re resolutions we are bound and determined to stick with.

Didn’t even know that new year style resolutions were a thing? Even more of a reason to read on. From eco-friendly promises to maximizing the minimum, there’s a resolution for everyone on this list.

It’s the Year to Take Risks

We don’t know about you, but we have had enough of worrying about whether or not we’ll look exactly like the model when we hit the streets in our looks. If you feel good in it, we say 2023 is your year to wear it.

For us, that means going out in that shimmery dress we’ve been too nervous to wear, a fringe skirt we thought we’ve never had a reason to rock, or a ‘90s-inspired pair of sunglasses emboldened by a chunky sunglass chain.

Turn Shopping Into an Adventure

Instead of hitting up your regular haunts and stores you already know and love, try new stores and local businesses in and around your neighborhood. Next time you get the shopping bug, search “best thrift stores near me,” or “best women-owned boutiques in my area” to add some new retailers to your repertoire and spice up a Saturday afternoon.

What’s more, many local businesses carry MACHETE—find a store near you to shop small.  

When in Doubt, Add a Pop of Color

This year, whenever we feel like an outfit needs a little something to jazz it up, we’ll be adding a pop of color. Whether it’s aneat printor a monochromestatement piece, we are adding it and not looking back, just like our attitude toward 2022.

Building the Greatest Capsule Wardrobes the World Has Ever See 

With global travel expected to reach 84% of pre-pandemic levels this year, it’s safe to say 2023 is entering vacation mode. All that traveling, however, comes with the pain of packing all of your favorite looks into one singular suitcase. We’ve found that the best way to avoid checking a bag full of extra accessories and outfits while still looking on-trend is a little something called a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are closets built around a few versatile staple pieces, like a great pair of jeans and a perfect taupe sweater, with smaller, less versatile elements, so you can mix and match the same few articles of clothing without feeling like you’re wearing the same outfit every day. For example, the sweater could be worn French-tucked into the jeans with some loafers one day, and the next it could be over a slip dress with some kitten heels. The next day it could be back with those same jeans plus a cool, thrifted leather jacket and some statement-making earrings.

Catch us building an amazing collection of high-quality staple pieces and adding variety with smaller, easily packable accessories like earrings, scarves, belts, necklaceshair accessorieswatches, and more.

Thrifting Denim as Much as Possible

Now we know how tough it is to find jeans that fit just right. And some of us are lucky enough to have found that one style, from that one brand, in that one size, and have stocked up on 10 pairs because we wear them every day and had a stress dream once that they went out of stock. 

But for the rest of us who struggle to find the right size, style, and brand—all within budget—there’s thrifting. Not only can you discover, with a little hunting, the perfectly broken-in pair, but you can also help out the environment, too. Denim is one of the best clothing items to get second-hand, as each pair of jeans takes upwards of 1,800 gallons to produce.

Picking an Outfit the Night Before and Laying It Out

Is it just us or is it still difficult to give up the athleisure and sweatpant glam looks that got so popular during lockdown? 

While comfort will never go out of style, we have a few forgotten pieces that have practically been begging to jump off the hanger. To encourage ourselves to wear more than just the same four outfits every week, one of our 2023 fashion resolutions is to pick out an outfit the night before the day we’re planning on wearing it. Save time and look stylish—now that’s a win-win.

If You Didn't Wear in 2022, Consider Donating It 

We added “consider” because this is also the year of bringing clothes out of retirement that were deemed “too fancy” for the World Hiatus of the past few years. However, we do know that we changed a lot during the last several years, and with that comes the need to do a closet audit. 

Plus, donating means you have some leftover space in your closet—shopping, anyone?

Buy a Blazer, Use It for Everything

Polished, posh, and pretty easy to mix and match: As one of our 2023 fashion resolutions, we would like to re-introduce The Blazer.

This wardrobe workhorse looks professional in the office, put together on Zoom calls, and party-perfect over a sequined dress at dinner. Now that’s versatility.

In 2023, we want to re-brand the blazer as an all-in-one, day-to-night piece that pairs effortlessly with a white oxford, some layered necklaces, and tailored pants for office hours. When 5 pm hits, swap the button-down with a tank and add jeans, statement earrings, and an Aperol spritz.

2023 Fashion Resolutions, We are Committed to You

At MACHETE, we don’t believe that resolutions should be thought of as restricting. Instead, we see them as an opportunity to grow into the people we strive to be. 

We hope you join us in some of our resolutions this year!