Handcrafted sunglasses in four silhouettes, made from our sustainable Italian acetate.

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Sunglasses FAQs

What Sets MACHETE Sunglasses Apart From Other Handcrafted Brands?
MACHETE sunglasses stand the test of time. With classic styles and high-quality Italian acetate, our handcrafted sunglasses are designed with intention to compliment your look while prioritizing sustainability.

How Do I Care For and Clean My MACHETE Sunglasses to Maintain Their Quality?
To care for and clean your MACHETE sunglasses, there are a few things you can do:

1. Store them properly in a protective case to prevent them from gathering dust, getting scratched, or getting bent out of place.

2. Avoid putting your glasses in excessive heat. This can cause them to bend or crack.

3. DO NOT clean your sunglasses with material like sleeves or paper towels. Always use a microfiber cloth and the correct cleaning solution. Remember to clean the sides and nose pads of the frame as well.

4. For additional cleaning, you can also rinse the frames and lenses under lukewarm tap water.